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Having an Outdoor Wedding? You need these 8 tips and tricks for your ceremony!

You've heard all the usual tips for outdoor weddings, but here are the ones that are frequently forgotten that most affect your ceremony. They make all the difference for you and your guests!

1. Channel your Inner Cinderella: Have 2 pairs of shoes!

Joanna Fisher Photography

High heels are beautiful, but if you're getting married outside, you need a second pair of shoes. Save that

beautiful pair of heels for your photos, dances, and when you're back on solid ground. For the ceremony, you need wedges, flats, or a block heel to keep from sinking into the ground.

Don't make my mistake: Wear close-toed wedges for the ceremony.

My mistake: I wore a peep toe shoe on a gravel walkway. As I walked down the aisle, I felt more and more pebbles sneak into my shoe and it made me wince in pain with every step!

2. Don't Forget Your Sunscreen

Make sure to put on sunscreen before you put on your wedding dress or suit. Leave enough time for it to sink in, so you're not uncomfortable and it doesn't stain your clothing.

3. Rock You Like a Hurricane

Price Burr Photography

Plan for the worst, hope for the best. Make sure to have a back-up location and plan in case of inclement weather. Summer storms are unpredictable, so be sure that your back-up plan is one that you'd be truly happy to have!

Murphy's Law is real:

Every time I've worked with a couple who didn't have a back-up plan, tried to sneak in the ceremony before the storm, or had a back-up plan they didn't like, it GUARANTEED rain. The skies opened up on their ceremony and wrecked it.

Make a plan and stick to it. If rain is in the forecast, inform your vendors the day prior so it doesn't derail your entire timeline trying to wait it out. Your guests will thank you for keeping them dry and you can be cool as a cucumber knowing you have it all in hand.

4. Blinded By the Light

Courtesy of Alicia Ann Photography

Hold your rehearsal at the same time and place as your ceremony to check the light. Will the sun be at an angle that hits you in the eyes? What about your guests? If so, you can wear snazzy shades, get a tent, parasols, or change your ceremony set up to face another direction.

It's All about Golden Hour

Direct sun may seem like desirable lighting, but photographers actually do best with indirect light, like in Golden Hour (just before sunset). If your ceremony is in the shade or at a time where the sun isn't directly overhead, you'll avoid harsh shadows and highlights on your face.

5. Pump Up the Jams

Photo credit: The Ramsdens

Your guests want to hear your love story! Between cars and motorcycles driving by, beach waves, local wildlife (some of those birds are LOUD!), it can be impossible to hear your officiant, vows, and ceremony. Make sure you have microphones and a great sound system so that all your guests can hear loud and clear. That way, they really feel like a part of this special day.

Did you know that we offer ceremony sound? Click here to learn more.

6. June Bug

Don't forget to put on bug spray BEFORE you get dressed. Bug spray often leaves white residue that stains formalwear. (We know this because we're always in concert black and learnt the hard way!)

Include bug spray in the amenities basket or, better yet, by your ceremony site at a welcome table. Your guests will thank you!

7. Don't Read Me Wrong

Make sure to have a podium for your officiant and readers. Provide tape and have them secure their papers prior to the ceremony, so the wind doesn't blow it away.

No podium? Ask your musicians (in advance) if you can rent or borrow one of their music stands. It's a huge help!

8. With a Little Help From My Friends

Remember to tell your other vendors that you have live music and what times we will be arriving, starting, and ending. For example, videographers often like to capture our performance, but need to build it into their timeline. They also need to bring special equipment to record our audio.

If you want to have photos of us performing, make sure to tell your photographer, so they take a few moments to capture some beautiful shots for your album.

Did these tips help you? Have I missed any great tips? Comment below!

Courtesy of Addie Eshelman Photography


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