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Real Talk: What ACTUALLY Makes Ariana Strings different?

Sometimes, couples will come to me and compare us to other companies in our area, asking questions about the difference in our pricing and offerings. Though we are a small business, we are rarely less expensive because of the high level services that we offer. I've performed and worked with dozens of event music companies and DJs and know a lot of what happens behind the scenes, so I know what makes and breaks a wedding day. Here is what makes our company different:

Guaranteed professional musicians who you know and love

Ariana Strings guarantees strictly professional musicians who we have worked with hundreds of times who hail from the top symphonies in the state including:

Hartford Symphony

New Haven Symphony

Eastern CT Symphony

Bridgeport Symphony

Waterbury Symphony

and many more!

Not only that, but we guarantee that they will be musicians from our team, not just a referral. It's not uncommon for musicians to be total strangers to one another and the company!

When you visit our website, our music videos showcase our players performing live and unedited, so you can hear our true sound. This is not standard across the event music industry, in fact it's a rarity!

Most couples have no idea who is showing up on their wedding day and most musicians do not offer unedited, live recordings at all!

Why is this so important?

Well, when you hire a chamber ensemble (that's any small group like a string quartet, trio, etc.), the players need to be strong musicians who are specifically well-versed in that style of playing, thereby able to communicate with one another through body language (called "cues") regarding tempo, style, etc. Having an established rapport amongst experienced musicians makes a huge difference in the performance you receive and it is immediately apparent to audiences. If we ever need to hire a substitute player for any reason, they're fully vetted and rehearsed for your event specifically.

One of the reasons we have been so successful is that we don't cut any corners, so you and your guests will always receive our very best performance.

Furthermore, most companies don't audition their players or hire strictly professional chamber performers, so their playing level is not guaranteed.

Most companies do not provide music in advance of the services, rehearse together, or promise the same players who have learnt the material, so they are usually sight-reading. This means that the musicians are seeing the music for the very first time that day and winging it as you walk down the aisle!

This is, unfortunately, quite standard for the industry. Most musicians figure that their clients will have no idea. However, the smaller the ensemble, the more revealing this mistake is! When players are not confident with the material and/or experienced, it comes across in the performance and can make or break an event. This is one of the soap boxes I stand on, as negative performances impact not only the wedding day, but all musicians tenfold. When a client hires an ensemble that performs poorly, they (and their guests) think twice about having live music at future events. This means that great musicians lose future opportunities thereby adding to the struggling classical music community.

Communication and Professionalism

Lastly, we are fully licensed and insured, include travel, taxes, and fees in all our quotes, and provide tailored services custom for your needs from start to finish.

Details You Might Not See That Make a HUGE Difference:

Behind the scenes, we work with all of your vendors to make sure everything runs smoothly and seamlessly. That means, I'm reaching out to your officiant for wording, double checking processional order with your coordinator, connecting with your videographer to ensure you receive the best sound, and more.

We are meticulously organized and arrive early. Nothing is worse than adding to the stereotype about musicians being late! Plus, we bring back ups of EVERYTHING: equipment, batteries, sheet music, iPads, you name it.

Our attention to not only how things sound, but how they look: We dress in concert black to match the level of formality of your event and provide a uniform look. We also stow away all our cases and belongings so they won't be seen in your photos and video.

Communication Before Booking

Wedding planning and hiring vendors is a full time job. To me, you aren't just an inquiry! If you have any questions about our packages vs. another company's, please feel free to reach out anytime. Every company does things differently and has their reasons and I am always happy to explain our services and help. It's important, to me, to make sure every bride (and groom), who is referred to me gets the best music experience possible no matter who they decide to book for their special day. If we aren't available, we'll always send you in the direction of a professional who I know does wonderful work (and nothing less!)

Happy wedding planning!


Photos by Samantha Perrelli Photo at The Wadsworth Mansion, June 2022, featuring our string trio (Ariana, Simon, and Sarah)


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