Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Let's be real: Wedding planning is stressful enough already, never mind amidst a global pandemic.

Photo credit: Stop Go Love at The Wadsworth Mansion at Longhill Estate, Middletown, Connecticut

So how on Earth can we celebrate love despite it all?

With careful planning and support from a fantastic team of vendors, you can safely marry and celebrate your union just like my 2020 couples.

First, find your local state representatives and get in touch:

  1. Subscribe to their emails

  2. Like them on Facebook

  3. Follow them on Twitter

  4. Follow them on Instagram

Not every state representative uses the same platform, but when you follow a few (I follow 3), it helps me truly understand the picture of what is happening in my state. Many representatives send out pandemic updates and summaries of changing state rules and guidelines. This is an invaluable resource! It means you can safely plan, knowing that you have the most up-to-date information.

Second, reach out to your vendor team:

Make sure that they have all the big details about your event. The key factors are guest count and whether you plan to be indoors or outdoors. If you planned a church ceremony and an outdoor reception, make sure that all your vendors (ceremony and reception ones) know your plans. The more that we know, the better we can help you.

I've been watching the news like a hawk and I know most vendors are the same. We know we are your most valuable resource in planning your event and can easily step up to help you. If government rules change suddenly and your wedding is affected, we want to be the first to reach out and help you make sense of it all.

We also know the rules like the back of our hands and are there to help you have a safe event. For example, from a performer's standpoint, we're going to make sure that your layout includes safe social distancing from the audience.

During a normal year, we perform at about 70 events. For our 2020 wedding season, we played for only 20 events, but we had at triple the number of phone calls as we normally would! On the bright side, it meant I got to know my couples even better, so when they walked down the aisle I was that much more emotional!

Third, be flexible:

Did your state suddenly shut down large events 2 weeks before your 150-person wedding? You can still get married on your original date. We can perform for your small ceremony this year and then for your vow renewal and reception next year. Many of our couples chose that and were happy they did! (Look below, that's what Allison & Chris, Marina & Rob, and Liz & Dan did.)

Our 2020 couples had to change their dates, ideas, and plans many times. While it was stressful, they all got to have brilliant and safe events, celebrating their love amongst their closest friends and family. Here's a glimpse of our 2020 wedding season:

If you're a 2021 bride or groom, what questions do you have about wedding planning? Comment below and I'll make another post as your guide.

Happy New Year!



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