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Flower Girls, Ring Bearers, and Weddings, Oh my!

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

I was a flower girl. Edit: I was an adorable flower girl. I kept my white skirt completely clean and walked down the aisle exactly like I was told to like a perfect angel. Even though I was very young, I remember how overwhelming it was to be put on the spot. Flower girls and ring bearers do not have it easy! Remember that they have an entire day where they were stuck in an uncomfortable, formal outfit, they weren't allowed to roll around on the floor (a favorite children's past-time), and now they have to walk and stand perfectly during a super boring wedding ceremony. ("Can we have cake now?")

Photo credit: Vicki + Erik Photography at Wadsworth Mansion

Vendor credit for above wedding:

Photography: Vicki + Erik

Venue: Wadsworth Mansion

Planning and Design: Creative Concepts by Lisa

Flowers: Flowers by Danielle

Tips for Little Ones at Your Wedding

My string trio was performing for a ceremony at The Webb Barn in Wethersfield and our couple had the most brilliant idea that I HAD to share with you all!

Tip #1: Put down a blanket with a coloring book, stickers, and some snacks by the top of the aisle. That way, your little ring bearer won't get his snazzy new suit all dirty and he'll happily be munching on some popcorn and coloring, instead of loudly interrupting your vows with, "Can we go now?"

Tip #2: Include them at the rehearsal and give them TONS of praise for a job well done. Practice makes perfect and it's so important to getting your flower girl comfortable in the spotlight. Teacher's tip: Bring along stickers and reward them for good behavior during the rehearsal so they know exactly what to do on the big day.

Tip #3: Tell your musicians that you have a ring bearer or flower girl and note if they're under age 6. We've performed for hundreds of weddings and want to make sure your wedding music is timed perfectly. Sometimes, the littlest members of the bridal party run back up the aisle (which is adorable and something we've learnt to watch out for!) Other times, they get so invested in scattering flower petals that they take way longer to the top of the aisle, so we know to prepare for that too!

Also, if your flower girl or ring bearer is being carried by a bridesmaids or groomsman or they're riding in a wagon, please tell your musicians. One time, we kept playing as we were waiting for a little ring bearer appear and he'd already gotten to the top of the aisle because the groomsman carried him during prelude. Sneaky, sneaky!

Vendor credit (Left)

Photos: Alicia Ann Photography

Venue: The Barns at Wesleyan Hills

Vendor credit (right)

Photos: Karie Peterson Photography

Venue: South Farms

Newlyweds, did I miss any great tips? Comment below!

Happy wedding planning!