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Unveiling a New Venue & New Venture

Updated: Feb 19

There's something about a styled photoshoot that can capture the imagination and transport us to another world. One that is full of magic and beauty, with a dash of the unconventional thrown in. That's precisely what Sue Takes Photos accomplished with her latest photoshoot: a couple's romantic wedding at the brand new venue, Station 97 on Main (The old witch hazel factory in Essex, CT.)

The mood of the shoot was moody, dramatic, and editorial, with the bold color pairings of burgundy and navy. The results are stunning, with each photo telling a story and evoking emotions. The bride, with her dark hair, smoky eyes, and dramatic veil, looks like a modern-day Morticia Addams. The groom, with his rugged appearance, is the perfect counterpart to the bride's ethereal beauty. The venue itself, with its brick walls and industrial feel, adds a touch of grit to the elegance of the shoot.

It's hard not to feel a sense of pride and admiration when looking at the photos. The photographer, Sue, and I go way back! We met in high school, playing violin in youth orchestra. She's always been an inspiration to me, both musically and creatively. It was Sue who encouraged me to offer larger ensembles and take Ariana Strings to the next level. Now, to see her photography career flourish, it's truly a thing of beauty.

What I find particularly touching about this shoot is that it celebrates the unconventional. I love an all white wedding, but there’s something so enlivening about variety. Gothic couples often don't get the same recognition or attention as their more mainstream counterparts, but they harness a unique aesthetic that we don’t get to see everyday. Often, these darker palettes are presented as a part of a kitschy theme (like Halloween) and are less palatable and not to be taken seriously.

By showcasing this type of style, Sue is not only showing off her incredible photography skills, but also sending a message of inclusivity and challenging the norm. This shoot shows that beauty that can come from the most unexpected places.

Vendor Team:

Photography, Rentals, & Styling @sue_takes_photos

Venue @station97onmain


Big Bouquet @danarenaedesigns

2nd Photographer @filipr_photography

Tuxedo @modernformals

Musician @ariana_strings

Models @missrubypavlova @chris_dunaj

Model’s Hair and Makeup @resurgeco


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