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What Happens When Your Wedding Musicians Have an Emergency?

Updated: Feb 19

Look closely at these photos. Do you see it? 🔍

Go on, figure out what changed🕵️‍♀️

I’ll give you a hint. There’s something you don’t know!

🙋🏻‍♀️One thing you know for sure is I am the owner and face of Ariana Strings. You know that I’m your sole wedding music coordinator and I handle all of your inquiries, contracts, bookings, meetings - the whole kit n kaboodle!

What you don’t know is it isn’t just about me. I can’t play all the instruments at once, after all! Over the last 15 years, I’ve cultivated an incredible team of musicians who are wholeheartedly supportive and have my back. That means they have your back too!

Below: Our wedding musicians at The Wadworth Mansion

🏥 When I was suddenly sent to the emergency room, I had a wedding to get to. Yes, that very day! I called my team and told them what was happening. They dropped everything to step in for me and make sure that our couple’s day went perfectly. So much went into “just one change” and you’d never ever know. Countless phone calls, texts, last minute rehearsals, you name it!

That takes years of cultivating strong relationships with incredible people. 🤝

Not every business has that.

My players have been by my side for years. They know my library inside and out. They know my high standards and rise to the occasion. Most importantly, they are about you.

We understand what couples are going through when they're planning a wedding. We're empathetic and know how to guide you, give you the resources you need, and how to be a team player (a MUST for your vendor team.)

Not all musicians know how to play a wedding. Not all musicians care about weddings. They often see it as a quick and easy gig (and learn the hard way that it's nothing of the sort). They’re usually strangers hired for that day who have no clue. Most companies are a revolving door of musicians who play once and never again. Yes, really. That’s the industry standard.

I’m changing that standard.

With us, we are there for you. We make it look easy and we take all the stress off your shoulders. We know what you’re going through and don’t add to your load. Booking us comes with the peace of mind that even on the worst days, where Murphy’s Law reigns supreme, we have you covered. 💫

Did you find it? Ok, I’ll tell you. In the first photo, I’m playing with the quartet. Then, Sue stepped in for me. You see, this is from a Wadsworth Mansion wedding showcase where a ton of couples needed me to answer their questions. I couldn’t chat and play, so I got help.

The best help.

From the best team.

💜 Credits:

Creative Concepts by Lisa

Zajac Photography

Terri Krisavage Floral Design

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